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A2Z of Mining Logistics Workshop

Who will benefit from attending the workshop ?

Investment bankers, private investors, investment analysts

Mining executives, mining supply chain and logistics staff, analysts

Logistics and supply chain operators, infrastructure owners and operators, business analysts



To assess transportation options for mining projects



To improve your decision making by accurately estimating operational costs for rail and road transportation


To differentiate  among: rail, road, overland conveyor, slurry pipe in terms of CAPEX, OPEX, Capacity and Flexibility


Specific mining supply chains constrains and how to optimise mining logistics


Key factors in evaluating and optimising mining supply chains

  • Project's geographical location and the climate impact

  • Understanding capacity limitations of the transport infrastructure

  • Working within the parameters set by the local, national and international legislation

  • Mapping out the supply chain

  • Using a contractor. Pro & Cons

  • Can intermodal be a viable solution for the solid bulk products ?

Cost and capacity comparison between the main means of transportation

  • Rail

  • Road

  • Barging

  • Overland conveyors

  • Slurry pipes

Interactive costing exercise - estimating the outbound logistics for a new mining project using road and rail

  • Case Study

Optimising operational mining supply chains

  • Managing bottlenecks

  • Dealing with changes in production requirements

  • Understanding regular and campaign railing concepts

  • Bottom bump or rotary tipplers

  • Growing the outbound capacity with minimum costs

  • Undestanding mining supply chains constrains by playing a specific negotiation game 


"I’ve attended Mirel’s workshop and whilst I had my reservations prior to the seminar, I was very pleased with both the content and the presentation manner. Mirel’s point of emphasising the importance of proper logistics assessments at the early stages of the mining projects resonates with my own approach based on my experience in supply chain management and logistics. The interactive costing exercise was unquestionably most practical, the optimisation tools presented were effective and the negotiation game was insightful and entertaining. Overall, the workshop was a clearly positive experience I would recommended to mining industry logistics and supply chain professionals as well as to study managers, logistics service providers, engineering consultants and academics like myself."

Raluca Raicu / Senior Policy Analyst / Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure - Adelaide SA

"I found Mirel's workshop an excellent opportunity to obtain a concise professional overview of the mining logistics world today.
I highly recommend his workshop to all prospective and operational mining professionals."

Mark Hoepfl / Logistics Manager / IMX Resources

Locations and dates for 2021

Private sessions

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